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WITHOUT EXCEPTION, all prints, products, and digital files provided by Adam Rossmann Photography are protected under copyright of Adam Rossmann//Adam Rossmann Photography//Amaranthine Road Inc. and are non-transferrable. Purchase of prints, products, or digital files does NOT DOES NOT signify a transfer of ownership of any copyrights. Please refer to the Limited Release document provided with your digital files for further information on how you may legally use your purchased or provided digital files. Please also adhere to the U.S. Copyright Act, in your usage of photographic prints and products, outlined below: The U.S. Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code) is designed to protect photographers and other artists by granting them the exclusive right to distribute, copy, edit and publish their photography by license, transfer, or sale. The Copyright Act prohibits anyone from copying, scanning, editing or sharing photographic prints, images, or media without the written permission of the photographer. Violation of the Copyright Act can incur both civil and criminal penalties.


Once a photography session has been performed, your session fee is non-refundable, as it covers the time and skills invested by Adam Rossmann or his employees up to and through that time.  Payment in full will be required for prints and products at the end of your ordering session (via cash, check, or credit). No order will be designed or submitted until paid in full.  No online galleries or blog/social media sneak peeks will be posted until all payments are made. All items ordered during an in-person ordering session will be delivered directly to Adam Rossmann for quality assurance. We prefer that our clients pick up their orders directly from us. However, prints and products may be shipped to you at an additional cost, and must include insurance.  Items ordered via online galleries (by family and friends) will be shipped directly from our, professional print labs. PLEASE report any damages due to shipping to us within 24 hours of receiving your item so that we may take the necessary steps to correct them.


Adam Rossmann Photography reserves the right to reschedule any session for any reason including but not limited to,  illness, personal emergency, or inclement weather. If a session cannot be rescheduled due to photographer cancellation, a refund of session fee will be issued  within 5 business days. Clients reserve the right to reschedule any portrait session with at least 7 days notice to the photographer, at no additional fee. Rescheduling within 6 or less days of your session’s date may incur additional fees ($25 per occurrence), at the photographers discretion. If you prefer to cancel your session, instead of rescheduling, you may pay a cancellation fee of $25.


Adam Rossmann provides archival-quality photographic prints and products, color corrected & calibrated to print EXACTLY as we see on our our computers. Any digital photos you see (on our website, blog, social media sites, or that have been provided directly to you) may vary from their intended appearance, depending on your computer's monitor and settings. In addition, Adam Rossmann Photography can not guarantee the results or quality of photographic prints made by clients or by clients' chosen labs. For consistent, quality results made to last a lifetime, please purchase your prints directly from Adam Rossmann Photography. Digital files purchased or provided are for personal archival purposes. We include a print release for photographic prints only, in sizes 8x12" and smaller. Digital files may NOT be used to make your own albums, canvases, or any other photo products, without our express written permission. In order to ensure your files are not lost we recommend backing up all digital copies of your photographs on an external hard drive or flash drive, as well as online/cloud storage. Adam Rossmann Photography will keep digital files for up to 3 months, after which no guarantees are made as wether or not they are still stored by Adam Rossmann Photography.


Your full session fee is due immediately upon reservation of your session. We often collect the session fee at your pre-session consultation, via check or cash. However, you may also mail your check, or pay your session fee online, upon request. We will not reserve a date or time without payment. Adam Rossmann Photography strives to have your portraits ready to view and order within 2-3 weeks after your session. However, due to the level of attention we provide to your images, your wait may be longer. We appreciate your patience!


50% of your chosen Collection is due immediately to reserve your wedding date, along with your signed contract. We will not reserve a date or time without BOTH your payment and the signed contract. We often collect this amount at an in-person meeting (which is where we will sign your contract). The remainder of your full balance is due no later than 2 weeks before your wedding date. You will be able to select your products, as well as use your A La Carte credit, during our in-person ordering session(s)

Create your own packages: 50%  ($500) of your coverage fee is due immediately to reserve your wedding date, along with your signed contract. The remainder of your balance is due no later than 2 weeks before your wedding date. You may choose your A La Carte items at our in-person ordering session, and must pay for these items IN FULL immediately, before any order will be made. You are responsible for a minimum A La Carte order of $100, in addition to the cost of your wedding day coverage ($1000).  Upgrades to your Collection may be made at any time, including on the day of your ordering session. No downgrades will be permitted. Please choose your Collection wisely, and plan towards it while refining your wedding budget!  Adam Rossmann Photography strives to have your wedding images ready to view and order within 6-8 weeks after your wedding date. However, due to the level of attention we provide to your images, your wait may be longer. We appreciate your patience!

Additional Fees:

TRAVEL : We will travel up to 30 miles included with any session or wedding package. Additional fees of $0.65/mile apply for milage after that.

LONG DISTANCE: For extended travel and stays, this fee will be negotiated into the contract.

LATE PAYMENTS AND BOUNCED CHECKS $25.00 fee for any returned checks. Any owed monies to Adam Rossmann Photography are subject to late fees after 30 days past due. A fee of $20.00 for every 15 days past due will be billed in addition to the original balance. Any unpaid balances are subject to legal ramfications including but not limited to litigation and lawsuits.

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